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Do you want to get started on the right path? Then claim your copy of the best free trumpet warm-up for beginners. This easy trumpet warmup focuses on two ranges so the player can choose what they able to work on and go from there. Learn your first notes in your comfortable range, eventually learning eleven notes. Plenty to start playing music! Plus, monthly tips and trumpet guidance. The newsletter is sent a few times a month, no spam, no funny business.

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    Welcome to THQ

    Trumpet Headquarters has been serving the trumpet community since 2015 with a highly praised trumpet lessons online course and complimentary resource hub for trumpeters of all levels.

    Learn how to play the trumpet with step-by-step lessons and simple explanations or explore the free resources I have carefully curated for trumpet players.

    Enjoy the ultimate hub for all things trumpet made for all aspiring players.



    Learn to play the trumpet at home, at your own pace

    The THQ Trumpet Lessons Online Course is comprehensive, simple and available on all devices . It’s a lesson curriculum built with experience that can only be gained through many years of teaching the trumpet. As a result, becoming a member for a small monthly fee is the best decision you can make for your development.

    Watch each trumpet tutorial as many times as you’d like, practice the concepts alongside a professional and soon enough you’ll be blowing through your favorite tunes. Learn more


    Information you can trust

    Reliable resources are important, because without them you could go on for years believing trumpet myths, and developing bad habits. This is just some of info you will find here; advice on accessories, trumpet maintenance, auditions, youth orchestras in your state, help for trumpet beginners, recommendations on apps, music and books, careers in music, trumpet summer programs and so much more.

    Don’t go on believing that “more air” gets you high notes. Learn more than ever before with THQ’s completely free resource hub.


    The trumpet blog features weekly entries to help you on your trumpet adventure. Maybe you need advice on practicing, or picking a career path, no worries THQ has you covered. Another feature of THQ blogs…they are never too long. Always under 1,000 words, because our blog is designed to get through quickly and get back to what’s important; the trumpet. So, find a blanket and a cozy spot, pick an entry, drop a line, and don’t forget to share it on social media if you find the blog useful.

    How to Improve your Dexterity on the Trumpet

    Read it in 3.5 mins • Listen to it in 3 mins Trumpet Headquarters · Blog #17: How to Improve Your Dexterity on the Trumpet Why you need faster fingers In my years teaching the trumpet I’ve had many students who pick up the instrument with many beliefs, one of them being that it will …

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    How to Improve Your Upper Range on the Trumpet

    Range on the trumpet is widely known to be a hot topic and a difficult, for most, skill to master. But why is it so elusive? Why do some new players “just know how to how to do it”? Let’s dive in and see where you may be going wrong.

    Black Female Players in the Brass World

    There are so many more Black female brass players, covering the full spectrum of musical demand from classical, to jazz, composition and more. It is our duty as musicians to collectively point the spotlight where it is deserved, to inspire young Black women, to help them see the possibilities, so that in due time we may stand together as one.