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Complete Warmup Guide for Trumpet Beginners and All Levels

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The THQ Trumpet Lessons Online Course is comprehensive, simple and available on all devices. It’s a lesson curriculum built with experience that can only be gained though many years of teaching the trumpet. As a result, becoming a member is the best decision you can make for your development.

Watch each trumpet tutorial as many times as you’d like, practice the concepts alongside a professional and soon enough you’ll be blowing though your favorite tunes.


Trumpet Tips to Improve Your Playing

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How to Improve your Dexterity on the Trumpet

In my years teaching the trumpet I’ve had many students who pick up the instrument with many beliefs, one of them being that it will be easier than instruments with 17 or more keys. We only have 3 valves, what could possibly go wrong?! Well, we get only 3 valves to play at least 31 notes. This means that…

How to Improve Your Upper Range on the Trumpet

Range on the trumpet is widely known to be a hot topic and a difficult, for most, skill to master. But why is it so elusive? Why do some new players “just know how to how to do it”? Let’s dive in and see where you may be going wrong.

Black Female Players in the Brass World

There are so many more Black female brass players, covering the full spectrum of musical demand from classical, to jazz, composition and more. It is our duty as musicians to collectively point the spotlight where it is deserved, to inspire young Black women, to help them see the possibilities, so that in due time we may stand together as one.

How To Use A Metronome

What's that ticking noise? This might be the question your non-musical friends and family members ask when they hear the incessant clicking from your practice

Accidental Success in Trumpet Playing

Playing by accident I’m sure that at some point you have experienced an accidental success in trumpet playing. Such as suddenly hitting a high note

Maximize Your Trumpet Playing For Free

Download the THQ Warmup Guide to learn eye-opening tips and lessons that will take your playing to the next level.

Maximize Your Trumpet Playing For Free

Download the THQ Warmup Guide to learn eye-opening tips and lessons that will take your playing to the next level.