Trumpet Practice

How To Build Endurance So You Don’t Get Tired Fast When Playing Trumpet

If I had a penny for every time a new student has said the words “I want to play longer but I get tired really fast,” I’d have my own island in the South Pacific by now. It’s a question I also receive through email from social media followers and my students from the THQ Trumpet Lessons Online program. Basically, it’s a very common concern and learning how to build endurance so you don’t get tired fast when playing trumpet is a must-know.


How To Get Better At Sight-Reading

Get better at sight-reading with these tips Last week we talked about why sight-reading is an important skill to have. This week I will let you in on the simplest, yet most effective techniques to up your sight-reading game. Sight-read a little daily Although sight-reading should be fairly easy at the beginner/intermediate levels, the majority …

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Playing High Notes On The Trumpet: Reality Check

Playing high notes on the trumpet is one of those things that is consistently at the highest demand from beginners and intermediate players, mostly because they see others do it and they want to join in. Probably the same reason why I always buy a cupcake after watching someone else enjoy one. First off, by …

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