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Watch and Rewatch

You'd be surprised how much your mind wonders. Watch each video many times and you will catch new information each time. I recommend you focus on one lesson each week, then continue coming back to it as needed.


Use the Training Video

Use them every single time you practice to fine tune your playing over time. Each time you play along you will notice something new, an intonation issue, or an articulation delay. It's like playing with a teacher every time you practice!


Wearing Headphones

You can immerse yourself in your lesson by wearing headphones of course, but you should really wear them to play along with the tracks. When using them for this purpose wear only one ear-bud. Leave the other ear open so you can clearly hear your tone. Do not play with both ears under headphones or ear-buds as this will affect your perception of tone.


Using the Forum

If you are experiencing a roadblock in your playing, chances are others are too. Use the forum to connect and discuss these topics with other students. I also check the forum to provide guidance and chip in when necessary.


Setting Aside Trumpet Time

Set aside some time for just you and the horn each day. Developing a strong relationship to music is a life-long commitment with infinite rewards. Leave distractions behind, close the door and play with purpose and attention.


Rest Day

Each week give yourself one day to rest. This way your chops can recover and come back stronger. This is especially important for beginner and intermediate players.


Listen to Trumpet Playing

I can't tell you how many aspiring players do not listen to dedicated trumpet music, or only listen to one genre. It is IMPERATIVE that you expand your horizons and listen to all types of playing. This is the only way to develop the concept of tone and achieve it with the horn. Check out this list of essential albums I have put together for you and start listening a little daily.


Making Mistakes and Drawbacks

Be open to mistakes, bad sounds, wrong notes and periods of plateaus. This is part of the learning process and the journey of perseverance. If you keep at it no matter what you WILL reap the benefits. I have coached thousands of students and regardless of talent or level, the ones who persist through the toughest periods are the ones who succeed.


Posted : 30/06/2020 7:46 pm

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