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[Solved] Endurance on 7C mouthpiece

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I know I am just a beginner who has only been playing for a short time and don’t really have well developed chops. I was just wondering on average how long can your second and third year students play songs like this on a 7C mouthpiece that keep going kind of high to kind of low. Also how do their chops hold up to higher songs. Do any of them play lead in a band? How much range do they normally have? How do they handle switch to different keys of trumpet? I just want to know what I have to look forward to if I choose to play a 7C mouthpiece.

P.S. I played a 7C for 7 years won 5 Solo and ensemble metals on it hit a G above high C on it in a private lesson with the trumpet professor from Eastern Michigan University played first part in a high school band but the 1SB is far better. Also I showed some videos and played for some other musicians and they all said I sound better on the 1SB. They included 

‘Former trumpet player from the Trump Corporation and Juliard graduate, Former 5th chair trumpet of Dallas Symphony and SMU grad in music or trumpet, Paino player from church who is currently in college for music. Trombone player from local band Because trombonists are people too. National Gaurd band director main instrument is Clarinet has Masters in music Ed. My band director her main instrument is trumpet and she is a middle school band director and last my girlfriend who played trumpet in middle school for a year.

 I also want to point out when I played Taps I used the 1SB mouthpiece and I was paid (no money just a chicken dinner and cheese cake) making me a professional cornet player.  


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Hi Roger, I will try to answer all of your questions. I’ve made my opinion on this topic abundantly clear both in our private lessons and here on the forum, but hear me out when I say I understand the hesitancy to leave a mouthpiece that gives you range, so I will give you all the information you need and more. Whatever mouthpiece you choose, your #1 concern should be tone. There is a reason why the most recommend mouthpiece in the world for beginners is a 7C; it foster a reliable tone, pleasing timbre and allows the student to develop technique (attacks, flex, low and high range) consistently. It’s like a strong foundation to a building. You can still build on a weak foundation but at some point you won’t be able to keep building.
Posted by: @roger1982

I was just wondering on average how long can your second and third year students play songs like this on a 7C mouthpiece that keep going kind of high to kind of low

My students in high school who play a 7C or 5C and have been playing for 3-5 years can play above the staff without many issues. The ones who practice properly of course. The one that don’t have a much harder time, as is expected. 

Posted by: @roger1982

Also how do their chops hold up to higher songs

I don’t know how high you mean. If you’re asking about notes up to C above the staff, the ones to practice and follow the advice given to them have no problems. Other have a harder time. Above high C, those aren’t beginners anymore. My intermediate and advanced student play above high C just fine, they also don’t play 7C anymore. 3C, 1.5C or equivalent is more common for them. 

Posted by: @roger1982

Do any of them play lead in a band?

Do any of my students at your level play lead in a jazz band? No, they do not. Intermediate ones do okay lead in high school jazz band, they do fine. One touring musician I used to teach did play lead. He was a professional. Played a shallow piece for gigs but practiced on a 3C. 

Posted by: @roger1982

How much range do they normally have

What level? Beginner up to E around year 2. Intermediate up to about A by year 5ish. Advanced above B. This varies greatly. It’s not a question I can answer easily. I’ve had students who have played for a month who can play C above the staff on a 7C. I’ve also had students who played a super shallow mouthpiece for years and couldn’t play past G. There is no perfect answer here.

Posted by: @roger1982

How do they handle switch to different keys of trumpet

My beginners do not play different keyed instrument as it is not a recommended approach to development. My intermediate and advanced: Most play same mp for Bb and C. Different mp for pic of course. Dif mouthpiece for Eb trumpet as well. I don’t recommend switching mouthpieces and playing small horns for beginners. If you must do this always start on Bb, and make your way to the smallest horn through fundamentals, then make your way back to Bb before you stop practicing. 

Phew! That was a lot! I hope it helps.

So, pick a mouthpiece and then get to work. Practice, work on a diligent practice schedule, listen to a lot of trumpet music, ask questions, never settle for less than your best, question your methods, analyze and then redirect. That’s what is truly important for development.



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