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[Solved] Intonation

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Good evening Estela,

In preparation for Memorial Day Weekend, I’ve been practicing Taps (audio & sheet music) attached. If you could provide feedback on intonation and interpretation 

that would be much appreciated? Thank you, Matt


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Hi Matthew, nice playing! Overall your intonation is good for your level, sometimes you have a tendency to go sharp, especially on the low Gs and the last note. Other times they came out a little flat though, so I wouldn't move the tuning slide. It is just how it is at this stage.

As far as interpretation I would suggest to be sure to maintain a steady beat. This was a bit too "free" and when things are too free at your current level it draws attention to your weaknesses. I suggest you the metronome at 48 and play it as written ignoring the fermatas. This way it will still be solemn but you won't sit on the notes as long. 

Hope that helps and nice job! I'm very impressed by your tonguing and precision!


Matthew Taubman Topic starter 26/05/2021 9:04 pm

Thank you Estela! Your review is very helpful.


Matthew Taubman Topic starter 01/06/2021 2:48 am

Hello Estela,
During the last week, I practiced making recordings with the metronome set to 45 and tried using the “du” articulation from Intermediate Lesson 12. Attached audio of Taps was from this afternoon. Still needs work but timing sounds better but still needs work. Thank you for helping me prepare.


TrumpetHeadquarters 03/06/2021 2:50 pm

HI Matt, You're right this is much better! Great job! Next year it will be right on point.

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