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[Solved] Tongue Position

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You talk about using the tongue to play higher and I have heard other trumpet players talking about using the tongue to compress the airstream. I can’t figure out how to do it though I think to a certain extent I probably am. I am asking not for the sole purpose of playing in the extreme upper range but more for the ability to play notes up to high C perfectly centered and effortless. I also feel by letting the tongue do more of the work it will increase my endurance. If all the range is just there it frees me up to work on other areas of trumpet playing. Any ideas on how to train my tongue. I purposely took a small breath because I want to avoid overblowing. I also think the bad first attack on the first note is caused by bad tongue position I really think if I can solve the tongue issues then I can concentrate on rhythm and being more musical and finger speed and all the other parts of trumpet playing I am lacking in.


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Hi Roger, tongue position is kind of tricky to figure out over text. So let's talk about this in our next lesson, please bring your question so we don't miss the opportunity to get a hand-on experience with this topic. It's not that hard to actually do, but it does take some time of trial and error. Took me 4 months to really figure it out, and by that time I was already playing professionally.


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