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[Solved] Expanding Scales & Arpeggios

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Hello Estela,

I’ve made an Expanded Scale Exercise for Bb Major - see attached pic. Before practicing it, can you review & let me know if it is ok as I would like to do same for the other Keys. 

Also, is there a format, sequence, pattern for setting up Arpeggios Up and Down specific for each Scale?

Thank you,


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Matthew Taubman Topic starter 13/11/2022 5:44 pm

Also did same exercise in D Major.

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1 Answer

Hi Matt, these are AWESOME! They look correct. FYI, I have these written out in all keys if you'd like them. I don't know if you want the practice of actually writing them yourself. Just let me know!


Matthew Taubman Topic starter 14/11/2022 7:59 pm

Thank you Estela 🙏
Yes, that would be great, appreciated, if you can provide the keys written out!


TrumpetHeadquarters 19/11/2022 3:16 pm

I haven't forgotten Matt! I had to fix up a few of them. Then I will upload them all to the Intermediate lesson #6 page. I will update your here when they're up!

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