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[Solved] Why not this tone

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I was just wondering why this is not the tone desired by your trumpet studio. What is the tone you desire from your students.

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Hey Roger,


Your tone isn’t bad or anything, don’t get me wrong. It’s more about round and warm, versus narrow and direct. Both types of tones are good and have a place. Like in an orchestra the players will have the round, warm (and actually also direct because those C trumpets don’t mess around.) In a drum core you’d hear more timbres that are narrow and very direct. So both are good and fine, it’s about what they represent and at what stage the player is. Beginners should try to foster a tone that is round and warm, because this usually means the mouthpiece is more forgiving in the common range, with attacks, flex etc. So that’s what I meant when I brought up tone. 

I hope that answers your question!