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😲 Use tags in your posts so everyone can find topics they're interested in! Learn about them here "Forum Basics" (<-- click here)!

[Sticky] Forum Basics

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Read the Welcome Area

This area of the forum has all your essential knowledge for how to navigate your lessons, the forum and how you can introduce yourself to the THQ community. Check out the forum policies, how to get the most out of your lessons with special tips and how to ask questions in the forum.



Ask Questions to the Community and your Instructor

If you've never used a forum before this will show you how to ask questions and how to navigate the forum. The most important tip is to USE TAGS! Continue reading to see what this is and why it's important.

1. Pick a category for your question. Simply choose where your question fits best. This is important for moderating and organizing the forum so you can find the topics that interest you. For this example let's pick "Fundamentals."

2. Ask your question. Once you select a category it will open and show you all the questions that have been asked, so feel free to browse here since your question is likely to have been answered! Select "Ask a question" on the right side.

3. Customize your question. The best way to get a great answer is to ask clear questions and provide attachments when necessary. See the picture below to see all you can do when asking a question.

3.2 *** TAG YOUR QUESTION: A "tag" is a label to organize topics and it is crucial to your experience, other's experiences and the future of this forum. Let's say you're asking about the C major scale and tonguing. In the tag section you would write this: scales, tonguing. Tag only the most relevant ideas of your post, keep it generalized and don't over-tag. If you start typing you may see a tag that pops up for you, which means it is a tag that has been used by others, select it to add it to your tags instead of creating variations of a similar word. For example, if scale already exists select that instead of adding scales. Separate each tag by a comma. See the image below to see an example. NOTE: DO NOT TAG POSTS IN THE "TRUMPET HANGOUT" or "TRACK YOUR PROGRESS". Use tags for trumpet support and video feedback only.

4. That's it! See below to see how YOU can take advantage of tagged questions.



Explore the Forum and Find Answers to Your Questions

1. See the tag sidebar menu (bottom of the page on mobile). The tag menu show the most popular topics. The number indicates how many posts have used this tag. Click on any tag to see all the topic related to the topic. Cool!

2. Search the forum with tags or keywords. This is why tags are great! They allow us to easily find the topic we are interested in without browsing through hundreds or thousands of posts. Tags are more precise because the person who originally asked the question sets these. Key words are much more generalized since the results will show you every single time that keyword was mentioned.

2. See the newest posts easily. This is the best way to stay update on the forum! Simply click on "Recent Posts" and engage in currently hot conversations.



Stay Updated on Topic You Choose

1. Subscribe to any topic to be notified via email when anyone replies. Simply click on the "Subscribe for new replies" link at the top of the post.

2. View your current subscriptions under Profile > Subscriptions. You can easily unsubscribe from here if you'd like.



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