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[Solved] Basic Tempo Markings

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Hello Estela,

Online I’ve seen different interpretations for Metronome Settings/Tempo Markings. I have been using the ones in the attached pic. 

Is this chart ok or is there a different one we should follow?

Thank you,



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Hi Matthew, great question! This chart seems just fine! You'll notice that some markings have a wide range, like andante. In these cases you have to rely on what sounds good for the given piece based on its style, time period and musicality factors. When in doubt, feel free to throw some sheet music here and I'd be happy to suggest a goal tempo. Also remember, you don't have to play pieces at exactly the tempos marked right away. Work yourself up to faster tempos when necessary.


Matthew Taubman Topic starter 11/04/2022 12:35 am

@trumpetheadquarters thank you Estela 🙏

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