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[Solved] Main Tuning Slide

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Hello Estela,

attached picture of location my main tuning when I went to tune trumpet before practice with TonalEnergy App. The black pen mark is the approximate usual location. The slide seems extended almost double than usual. It seemed ok but I really couldn’t tell if trumpet was in tune or not so also attached is a recording of G Major Scale I was practicing. 

Was trumpet in tune? Any guidance would be helpful/appreciated, as this week I’m working on scales. 

thank you, matt

Matthew Taubman Matthew Taubman Topic starter 11/08/2022 1:19 pm

Not sure if picture attached in question?

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Hi Matt,

The image didn’t attach to the original post but I got it in the comment. I listened to your scale along with a drone. It sounds great!

A few notes were slightly off, but DO NOT mess with it right now. It will come along with time, and if not we can tackle that later. It wasn’t super off either. Plus remember that even pros do not play every single note perfectly in tune. We don’t play piano! Hahaha

The amount the tuning slide is out is totally normal. Actually that’s most peoples slides are, even pro, myself included.

Did you watch the lesson on intonation in beginner phase 2? If not be sure to check it out. I talk about how to tune properly, as it is not how student usually tune.

Keep it up and keep checking in. This is great!


Matthew Taubman Matthew Taubman Topic starter 12/08/2022 6:44 pm

@trumpetheadquarters Hello Estela, That is very helpful - I feel more comfortable moving forward that I'm not practicing the wrong thing over & over. As I re-watched the lesson on intonation the lightbulb went off in my head to understand the correlation between tunning slide position/length of extension & pitch (how it creates a sharp or a flat or an ok note). The lesson also refreshed the steps/procedure to take with the TonalEnergy App when tuning the trumpet (visual/ear/etc.) - I was missing a couple of key points. Thank you! Matt

TrumpetHeadquarters TrumpetHeadquarters 13/08/2022 3:14 pm

Awesome 👍 I really think watching the lessons multiples times or going back to them after a few weeks is really helpful. Talk soon! -Estela