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Mouthpiece gap

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Hi Estela,

    I’ve been looking at some videos on the mouthpiece gap. How important is it to have the right gap between the mouthpiece and receiver? Will it make a big difference in your playing? I tried measuring my gap and I came up with a 3/8 in gab. Does this seem to big? 
   Looking forward to your response     


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Hi Gary, the gap will affect most notoriously the intonation of the instrument, among other things like response. If you are consistently sharp or flat across all registers then the gap may be off. That is the best way to tell if the gap is a problem. 99.99% of the time the gap is not the problem though and if you are using a standard mouthpiece/trumpet (aka, NOT a monette) then you're likely fine in that aspect. It's really not something we worry ourselves with in real life unless everything is working but intonation is off. 

Hope that helps!


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