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[Solved] Dylan playing at a Talent Show

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This video is from January of Dylan playing the Peanuts Theme, "Linus and Lucy" and "Charlie's Blues"


Hap (ppy Henderson) Hap (ppy Henderson) 18/03/2023 7:23 pm

@fulleffectsteve very 👍 I live the charlie brown shirt too!

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Hi Steve, what a great performance! He has a nice tone and good overall confidence over his current skills. I can definitely see a bright future for him should he decide to keep going with the trumpet. You've done a great job teaching him.

Is he improvising yet? If not, it really sounds like he has the ear and rhythm for it. If you need any book recommendations let me know. 

Is he involved in any youth symphonies or bands? If not, that is an AMAZING outlet for development and musicianship. It's like being in an honor band year round. Like the YOCJ for example.

Finally, he is at a great age to do youth competitions, which can challenge him and continue to offer performance opportunities. A good place to start is ITG Youth and the NTC comps . I have been a judge for both and can say they are great opportunities to grow and have fun.

I look forward to seeing a lot more from Dylan!


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Thank you, he auditioned and was accepted in to the CJMEA Intermediate Symphonic Band and they had their concert last week.  Over 100 trumpet players from 6-8th grade throughout Central Jersey Auditioned and he was 1st Trumpet so that was very exciting and a great experience for him.  His band teacher also nominated him for an Honors Band which he was accepted into and will be playing in a concert in April.  He is improving daily and his sight reading is very good.  His teacher just gave him a song for the school concert in May, "Bugler's Holiday" by Leroy Anderson, so that is what we are currently working on.  I will post some videos or audio of his progress over the next few weeks and we have watched your video on faster single tonguing.  We are excited to be here and from looking over your site see that there is still a lot for us to both learn!  The solo section in "Charlie's Blues" was an improvised solo that he worked out himself and he has great ear for hearing melodies and being able to play them.  He just wrote out the theme from "Angry Birds" which he listened to, figured out on trumpet, and then entered what he was playing into smart music software and he taught himself the "Burger King Commercial" song which he wants to do a video of.  We haven't done a lot on improvising so any resources or recommendations you have we will look into.  

I am glad we found your site!

TrumpetHeadquarters 20/03/2023 2:17 pm

@fulleffectsteve Hi Steve, here are some suggestions for jazz improv beginners:


This one is a standard in the jazz world. Lots to learn. Best to be absorbed very slowly over time.

• Abersold Volume 24 Buy the book (affiliate link) 👉


This one has written pieces to improvise over and I the difficulty would be good for any late beginner and early intermediate player. I think Dylan would be good with it based on the couple clips I've seen.

• Jazz Phrasing for Trumpet Volume 1 Buy the book (affiliate link) 👉


Hope this helps! -Estela

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