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[Solved] Flexibility, Timing, Breathing

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Hello Estela,

I’ve been working on flexibility, timing and breathing. Attached pic of six bars from Proclamation by Robert Getchell and my audio. 

If you can review and share your thoughts & comments for improvement, that would be helpful. 

Thank you,


TrumpetHeadquarters 30/11/2021 7:54 pm

@mtaubman Hi Matt, I love this one. Before I give my comments...

1) Have you listened to this?
2) What are your personal thoughts on your own recording? (what do you think can improve, and what do you think is well played)

- Estela

Matthew Taubman Topic starter 01/12/2021 8:04 am
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Hello Estela,
After listening to it a few times, for improvement my thoughts are:

  1. The very first note, g, was held too long before hitting the d. The tone to start off the piece on first bar was dull & flat. It should of had more life/spirit to it.
  2. The 2nd bar needed more p & echo. Have to practice more of the dynamic control exercises.
  3. On the third & fourth bars, timing of first four notes was to slow. Need to practice more on tonguing/timing exercises.
  4. I did like the e-flat to d notes going from bars 4 to 5. Was able to use slide while playing.
  5. Bar 6 needed to be softer. More pp.
  6. In general, I would like to create notes that have a pleasing elegance to them. How is that achieved?
  7. Need to improve timing. I do use metronome while practicing. Maybe I should record practice exercises and listen to them as part of my routine? Similar to football players watching film after a game.

Do you think I’m on the right path?

Thank you,


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Hi Matt, you hit the nail on the head with your comments. I agree with all of them. That is what you have to work on.

Elegance in playing is achieved through a lot of fundamental exercises daily for years and daily listening to what you want to sound like. No shortcuts.

A couple of things I noted that you can work on:

1) I didn't hear the slurs from the Gs to the Ds. They sound tongued to me.

2) In measure two, the 16th notes are to be played tenuto.

3) In measure 4 the 16th notes and the triplet had the same value. But the triplet should be longer than 16th notes.

4) Note the wording: "bravura", "rubato",' "rit"


In general, I really would suggest you try something a little lighter, because this has a lot going on even though it may look simple. It's important to focus on improving the things we can do at any given time and not overwhelm ourselves, otherwise we learn slower. I recommend something like "To A Wild Rose" By Edward MacDowell for lyrical, and "The British Grenadiers" by Arr. James Curnow for something technical.



Matthew Taubman Topic starter 03/12/2021 12:49 am

@trumpetheadquarters thank you Estela 🙏
I was able to find sheet music for both pieces. Will practice those and the Horse Whinny for Christmas too.

TrumpetHeadquarters 03/12/2021 4:18 pm


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