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[Solved] Is it worth it

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The top video where the bell is pointing right at the camera and my hair is longer was taken the day before I started taking private lessons and the bottom video was taken yesterday. I was just wondering is the improvement in tone worth it. Yes I may have gained a warmer rounder tone which will blend better in a beginner band but is it worth losing an octave of range for and having my endurance greatly reduced?

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Hi Roger, yes, it is worth it in so many more ways than just tone; your response is better from what I heard in our lessons, your accuracy is better too and so many more things you just haven't experienced yet. Endurance usually goes down for 2-4 weeks after switching mouthpieces, especially going from a super shallow one like the 1SB to a standard C cup. We can talk about it in your lessons, please bring your questions.Β In the meantime I welcome you to watch this chat I had about mouthpieces with some of the world's leading experts in brass.

Ps: The more you switch back and forth, the longer it will take for your embouchure to adapt to a new mouthpiece.

Having said all of that, if you really really want to play the double cup shallow mouthpiece then of course it is ultimately up to you. I can only impart to all my students the knowledge I have acquired through over 2 decades of playing professionally and being deeply involved in today's pedagogical trumpet scene, but in the end each student will follow their own path and that is okay. We can chat more about this in our lessons and make a decision together as to which way you want to go.

- Estela

Roger Rheault Topic starter 16/07/2022 9:54 am

@trumpetheadquarters a few comments I played a 7C mouthpiece for 7 years won 5 solo and ensemble 5 metals on trumpet and played first part in a high school band but a reached a point where I stopped improving and made no significant improvement until I switched to the 1SB. I feel you are just leading me back to a path that failed before. I am playing in a band with people who are using commercial style trumpets and swallow mouthpieces I would not blend well with them on a 7C mouthpiece. I will never match the endurance I have on the 1SB with 7C I have never stopped playing because I was tired with the 1SB I stopped for other reasons.

TrumpetHeadquarters 09/08/2022 12:29 am

Totally understand. Most students hit a hard ceiling in their progress around year 6 or so (could be more or less), especially with range and endurance. This is due to them continuing to practice the same way as before but wanting more results. To change the result, we have to change the method. No worries, play the 1SB. We will work with it.

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Maximize Your Trumpet Playing For Free

Download the THQ Warmup Guide to learn eye-opening tips and lessons that will take your playing to the next level.