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[Solved] Melody

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Hello Estela,

attached first pass at Melody by Albert Biehl. It’s from the Festival Solo’s book. On the plus side, I think tempo is improving & notes are being sound like notes. I recorded it after a practice session so it might sound a little tired. Any thoughts would help as I move forward. 

thank you 🙏 


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Hi Matt,

Wow wow wow! Awesome tone!!! That’s the first thing I noticed and I was very pleased. Your attacks are mostly clear as well, I think you were a bit tired like you mentioned. I didn’t hear anything super problematic. The main aspect to improve here is timing, but it’s definitely improved from before. Your tendency seems to be to rush. Watch out with all the quarter notes right before the first long rest. Those really rushed and you got the rest 2-3 beats early. Try to lay back into the beat more. 

Seriously though, awesome tone. That’s the first step to good trumpet playing in beginners; a warm, round, wholesome tone. That practice schedule you sent me sure is paying off already!


Matthew Taubman Matthew Taubman Topic starter 09/08/2022 2:44 am

Thank you Estela.
I’ll rewatch the Beginner’s video on Tuning. This evening I replayed the THQ Buzzing Video. As I practiced the buzzing exercises, I finally understood your point that the “air activates the lips”.

I appreciate your guidance - it helps to motivate, move forward.

Thank you 🙏


TrumpetHeadquarters TrumpetHeadquarters 09/08/2022 4:56 am

Hi Matt, I'm so glad to hear you had an "aha!" moment. Those are the best!