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[Solved] Menuett/rhythm drills

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Hello Estela,

Attached recording (& sheet music) to the first part of Menuett. I practiced this piece in parallel with the rhythm drills. There seems to be some improvement. If you can review that would be great!

Thank You,


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Matthew Taubman Topic starter 25/02/2023 4:33 am
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Hi Matt,

WOW! What a huge improvement! Your rhythm practice really is paying off. I'm super. happy to see these results!

Here are couple trumpet notes:

1) The measure with the dotted half D should be 3 beats. I heard you play for 3 beats, and then you took one extra beat to breathe. You have to try to steal a little time from the note to take a quick breathe. I talk about this in chapter 8 of the breathing lesson in Beginner Primer.

2) Support the upper notes as they tend to come out flat. This is likely due to trying to blow harder to reach them/ Remember to use your tongue placement to aid in the compression of air so that you don't physically work harder. More air is louder, not higher.


- Estela

Matthew Taubman Topic starter 01/03/2023 3:58 pm

@trumpetheadquarters thank you Estela for feedback and the Breathing tips 🙏 I watched the Lesson, downloaded the exercises & started practicing them.

Your guidance, instruction have been very helpful.

Thank you,

TrumpetHeadquarters 04/03/2023 9:36 pm

That really makes my day!!


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