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Good evening Estela,

I’ve attached a audio of The Washington Post and sheet music. I only played up to the first repeat. If you review that would be appreciated. Also in one of your videos you mentioned to use a lot of slide for D flat. Should slide be used for C sharp?


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Haven’t done this piece yet. Thanks for sharing; good intonation; such high pitch with such ease. Waiting to get there myself. Hopefully soon. Can’t wait to see the finish practice version; I’m sure it will be superb. 


Hi Matthew,

First let me say great job. You’re hitting the notes very well, the articulation is accurate and I didn’t hear any fracks. Awesome awesome. 

Some trumpet tips:

1) Low Db and C# are the same note, so yes, both need a lot of third slide. Only the low ones. The 4th space Db doesn’t need anything. 

2) Play with a metronome. Your notes where very good, but the rhythms were off because you’re still working up to playing the fast moving notes. Instead of slowing down when you get to the hard part, set the whole piece to a slower tempo. It’s supremely important to nurture good rhythm as soon as possible and in every chance we get. I would set the metronome at 60 and go up from there.

I look forward to your next update!


Matthew Taubman Matthew Taubman Topic starter 04/05/2021 9:58 am


Thank you Estela. Much appreciated.