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[Solved] Red Is The Rose

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Hello Estela,

Attached video of an Irish ☘️ folksong Red Is The Rose 🌹 

Before playing, I used the THQ Warmup Session 4, which helped a lot. I also listened to several YouTube videos versions of the song to understand its meaning & lyrical context. 

My goal for this piece was improving rhythm & musicality. I think timing is improving with the practice exercises. Not really sure if the musicality reflects the genre? 

Your thoughts and tips on how to work on musicality, project emotions through the notes would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


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Hap (ppy Henderson) Hap (ppy Henderson) 18/03/2023 7:30 pm

@mtaubman Well done - i like the town and your practice room acoustic wall foam

Matthew Taubman Topic starter 20/03/2023 12:54 pm

Thank you Doug 😊

1 Answer

Hi Matt, here are my notes on this piece:

1) You are playing the notes very well! You're more accurate and that is a huge improvement.

2) Rhythm on the 8th notes is late so they are ending up like 16th notes. You are playing them on the a of the beat instead of the +. We didn't about the a of the beat yet, but hopefully we can do that at a consultation soon.

3) To correct the issue you can use the metronome with a subdivision for 8th notes, this way you will know exactly where the 8th notes are. Alternatively, if you have a recoding of this piece that would help a lot.

4) Your musicality is being hampered by the rhythms, because it's hard to be musical if the rhythms aren't what they're supposed to be, BUT considering that I thought it was very even. Make sure not to breathe before the whole note D, instead, wait for the rest. Try to articulate the notes softer so that it is more lyrical. Finally, you can increase the volume as you go up and decrease as you go down, just very little, very gradually and this can have a nice effect for beginning musicality.


Matthew Taubman Topic starter 20/03/2023 5:04 pm

Thank you Estela for the review & guidance. Your instructions are very much appreciated and helpful. I will continue to work on rhythm.


TrumpetHeadquarters 20/03/2023 5:30 pm

Here is a quick video showing you the correct rhythms 🙂


Matthew Taubman Topic starter 20/03/2023 7:18 pm

@trumpetheadquarters wow, the video is very helpful - gives a more visceral understanding.

Thank you Estela!


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