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[Solved] St. Anthony Chorale & Rondo

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Hello Estela,

Attached sheet music & audio for St Anthony Chorale & Rondo. The piano is from the accompaniment only. 

if you can provide feedback, that would be much appreciated. Generally I think my notes & timing are improving; though towards the end, maybe a few beats behind. 

thank you,



Matthew Taubman Matthew Taubman Topic starter 08/08/2022 10:37 pm

Reattaching files, not sure if I’m doing it correctly

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Hi Matt,

Nice job, nice tone. In general I heard rhythm issues but things are improving. I also noticed flat notes often, so tune your 3 open notes and adjust the tuning slide to a spot you can compromise. Watch the lesson on tuning in the beginner section. See the attached picture where I marked every time I heard a wrong rhythm. “E” is early, “L” is late. My marking aren’t exact but I caught most of them errors. Great job from 15-25!


Matthew Taubman Matthew Taubman Topic starter 09/08/2022 2:28 am

Thank you Estela for the rhythm markings pic. It’s very helpful. During practice I’ve been using the metronome subdivisions function in Tonal Energy Tuner app. It gets a little tricky watching the sound/tuner tab & listening to subdivisions at same time but I’m getting the hang of it.

Thanks again 🙏


TrumpetHeadquarters TrumpetHeadquarters 09/08/2022 4:55 am

Hi again, not sure if I misunderstood, but make sure to set aside a moment for tuning, and then leave the tuner behind. It is not good to look at a tuner when you trying to practice music. It's easy to get lost in what the machine says and stop really using our ears. When you tune, tune. Then when practicing music set the metronome and look at the music. If I misunderstood what you're though disregard 🙂