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[Solved] Can Not Load Videos

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I am unable to upload videos and I am having problems watching some of the videos that others have posted. I thought it was because my internet was slow but I checked my internet speed and it is close to 100 mb per/sec. I can still watch the lesson videos.

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Great! Glad it's fixed!

Awesome job on this. Nice rhythm and overall execution.

Trumpet notes:

1) Try taking deeper breaths and allowing to just flow out of you, without you trying to over control the exhale.

2) Using your syllables! Especially "ahh" when you slur down to the lower notes. That will help clear up those slurs.

3) Check out the Tongue Placement exercises (Intermediate lesson #4) and work on them to practice my previous tip.

Nice job and I'm especially happy you are using the forum to post your progress. This is the only way I can provide feedback and you using the resource makes it easy for me to help you get better. 👌


Roger Rheault Topic starter 27/02/2021 12:58 am

Thank you for your advice this was literally the first song I had played on trumpet in 7 weeks for some reason the first thing that goes when I take time off the trumpet is my breath control it will come back with time. The good news is that that my fingers still know what to do. Having total control of the trumpet after not touching it for 7 weeks is also difficult after I do some scales and stuff I should be able to clean everything up. I will keep my tongue placement and syllables in mind when I am practicing. Again thanks for the advice.

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Okay it looks like I can load videos again. This was me yesterday.


Hmmm, ok let me do a test. I will post a video here. I will check on some things today and I suggest you clear your cookie and cache history. Then try to upload again tomorrow. Let me know if it is not working please.



TrumpetHeadquarters 25/02/2021 5:55 pm

Testing uploading YouTube video:

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I figured out how to use YouTube to upload videos I guess this also means I have a YouTube channel now.

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