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[Solved] Estela, About Duets

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Hi Estela,

  I don't know how to post my request to you in the student forum. I tried. I don't think it worked.

Can you post a few play along duets in the Intermediate training room? Maybe from Arbans. Some you play lead but some second part. Is there an Intermediate version of Pachebell's Canon? that would be great. Thanks for your THQ

I hope this is is the place to request?

Larry Peltz 

1 Answer

Hi Larry,

I have moved this question to Technical Support. If you read under each section of the forum you can see a short explanation of what sorts of things you should post in that section. Everything under Trumpet Support is to ask questions about your playing and progress, while Community is to share your thoughts with others in the forum. Technical Support is for everything about tech difficulties and other website inquiries.

As for duets, I'm don't really have the time to create new duet videos at this time, but it is a future project. My focus at the moment is on the post-production of more training play-along videos. Once that is finished I will be able to move on to other projects. I have noted your request for more duets and will let you know when that becomes available!


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