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[Solved] Log In details not remembered

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Why are my log in details not remembered, although asked for -  block ticked? Have to enter details every time.

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HI Edwin, 

This has to do with your cookies and protection settings on your device. I recommend you look into your specific device and see if your settings are too strict. 

Reasons this could be happening:

1) Your browser is clearing cookies. Check your browser cookies and cache settings, or reset it.

2) The cookie file is corrupted. Erase the cookie and cache history. Note: this will erase any stores usernames and passwords on your browser for other websites.

3) A security feature is clearing cookies. Disable the program. Note: if you disable it you will be changing your security settings.


I'll look into it too but if I don't say anything else then I didn't find anything wrong on my end. 

Take care