Trumpet Warm Up and Technique Beginner Practice Bundle


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All the necessary practice for trumpet beginners is included between these two practice packs. From long tones to flexibility, to scales and finger dexterity drills, it’s easy to complete your warm up and technique practice.


  • Beginner Warmup Exercises (Practice Pack 1)
  • Beginner Technique Exercises (Practice Pack 2)

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Everything a Beginner Needs to Play CORRECTLY!

Ideal for Trumpet Headquarters students, teachers and all beginners, this bundles features Practice Pack 1, focusing on fundamentals drills to strengthen your embouchure, and Practice Pack 2, where you can learn to play scales and patterns important in trumpet playing. Most beginners are lost and overwhelmed with the multitude of exercises required to develop a strong embouchure, and for that reason I’ve put them all in this bundle pack.

Members of the THQ Trumpet Lessons Online Course can play from this practice pack as they listen to each drill and watch the play-along training videos from Beginner Phase 1 and 2 of the THQ Trumpet Course.


  • Mouthpiece buzzing: although buzzing is not required it’s here if you need it
  • Leadpipe Buzzing: an alternative to buzzing the mouthpiece
  • Static long tones: the planks of trumpet playing
  • Flow studies: magical drills for all trumpet players
  • Slur practice: a very important early skill
  • Flexibility: the pushups of trumpet playing
  • Tonguing: the most basic technique
  • Rhythm: basic combos to get you started feeling confident about reading sheet music
  • Warm down: bring blood flow back to the lips and heal for the next session
  • 12 major scales: in a simple format that allows for difficulty progression
  • 12 major scales: slightly faster than the previous version
  • Chromatic patterns: perfect for finger speed and getting ready to play Clarke technical studies for trumpet
  • Low range drills: low tones can be tricky, but with this drill you can go down slowly and progressively
  • High range drills: slowly play up to top line F
  • Rhythm drills: focusing on eighth note combinations
  • Buzzing intervals: buzz arpeggios and small intervals to develop your accuracy

👉 Who will benefit from these exercises: beginner trumpet players who have been playing for 0 to 18 months (and sometimes longer)

How to Use This Trumpet Practice Pack Bundle:

✔ For THQ Students
Practice Pack 1 perfectly syncs with all 9 core trumpet practice play-alongs found in the “Beginner Phase 1” section of the THQ Trumpet Lessons Online Course. Practice Pack  syncs with all 8 core trumpet practice play-alongs found in the “Beginner Phase 2.” Press play and have fun!

✔ For Trumpet Teachers
Are you a trumpet teacher? Use this sheet music with your students! You play the cues and they play the standard notes. Turn on a metronome or rhythm track for a fun-filled lesson.

✔ For All Trumpet Players
Play through fundamental exercises and promote endurance development early on. Rest during the cues and play the standard notes to nurture proper embouchure conditioning for beginners.





Warm Up and Fundamentals, Technique




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Maximize Your Trumpet Playing For Free

Download the THQ Warmup Guide to learn eye-opening tips and lessons that will take your playing to the next level.

Maximize Your Trumpet Playing For Free

Download the THQ Warmup Guide to learn eye-opening tips and lessons that will take your playing to the next level.