The Best Websites for Musicians

A list of useful websites for trumpet players

and musicians of all kinds

The good thing about the internet is that it puts all the information we want at the click of a mouse. The bad thing about it is that there are millions of websites to browse through to find what you need. The ugly thing is that a lot of what is on the internet is really…really bad.

Throughout my career I’ve come across very useful websites, and although I’m sure I missed a few, here are some that will surely help you. From major trumpet manufacturers, to performance anxiety help and advice for buying trumpets, here is the best of best.

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Shop Trumpets & More

Amro Music

This is a little music shop in Tennessee. You will find care and maintenance info for all band instruments and simple buying suggestions. »

Austin Custom Brass

This the shop of trumpet player Trent Austin, where he sells horns he tweaks himself. Not only are his prices right, but everyone knows, Trent is just a really nice guy! »


If you’d like to know more about Bach trumpets just visit this site!

Curry Mouthpieces

Mark runs this mouthpiece shop, and let me tell you, he makes some nice pieces! Check it out! »

Denis Wick

The internet home of the widely known mute maker. If you’ve played in band/orchestra, you’ve probably used a Denis Wick mute! They also have a nice mouthpiece collection and accessories. Oh, and Denis himself is a super nice guy. »


Home of the great Getzen trumpets. »

Hickman Music Editions

David Hickman is a widely known trumpet professor who teaches at Arizona State (which is known for dishing out great player after great player.) He has written some of the most important books in trumpet teaching and plays on numerous albums. Check out his site to get some books and music! (I do it all the time). »


Home of the popular Jupiter trumpets. »

Mouthpiece Express

A place where you can buy any mouthpiece of any brand, with customizations like gold plating. Plus, lots of accessories! »

Musician's Friend

One of the biggest online retailers of music instruments and accessories. »


The king of piccolo trumpets, this is the home of Schilke trumpets. »

Woodwind & Brasswind

One of the biggest and most popular online retailers of musical instruments and accessories. »


Home of the amazing Yamaha trumpets. »

Great Blogs, Podcasts & News

After Sectionals

This is a podcast about all things band coming to you from the great state of music education, Texas. If you’re a teacher you will really enjoy this site! »

Andrew Hitz

This guy went from being a tuba player for the Boston Brass to becoming a mastermind of music entrepreneurship (creative business). Check out his blog, podcast and site »

Behind the Note

A podcast site made by jazz trumpeter Chris Davis. His podcasts feature guests that can help you with a little bit of everything, from freelancing, composing, teaching and more. »

Bob Gillis

Bob’s site is mainly a blog on his experiences and challenges as a teacher and player. Most of them are pretty in depth, so probably not for the light or newbie trumpeter, but definitely a nice place more advanced players and of course, teachers. »

Brass Band World

If you’re into the British style brass band deal, this is the site to keep you updated on news. »

Brass Herald

Visit this site for news of the brass world. They keep it updated and there’s always something interesting to read! »

Bulletproof Musician

A site dedicated to help musicians with performance anxiety through a fantastic blog and coaching. Bookmark this site now! »


News and interviews on jazz, blues and beyond. I love the interviews on this site, they’re inspiring and fun to read. »

Hub from Musician's Friend

This website comes from the guys at Musician’s Friend, which is a huge online instrument retailer. The Hub features buying guides for all instruments, fun blogs and more. »


Although you can subscribe to their magazine, the free articles online are great. Hop over to this site to read a little something about anything music related.»

Jazz Advice

A website with tips for jazz improvisers. The guys that maintain it, Forrest and Eric, post a new blog about once or twice a month. Check it out if you’re into jazz trumpet. »

Musician's Way

This one is named after the book “The Musician’s Way”, which teaches you how to be a balanced musician. The website has a lot of links to recommended websites, books, accessories and even a very good blog. I usually swing by this site once a month and see what’s new. »

Trumpet Journey

A website maintained by Dr. Stanley Curtis, a professional trumpet player and teacher. I like his site because it’s simple and has reliable resources. His blog is current and well written! »


Alexander Technique

Ever heard of Alexander’s technique? It’s a practice that has long helped musicians relieve tension by improving their posture through physical movements. Less tension, better music!

Band Director

If you’re a music teacher you might find some useful stuff here. They have tons of blog posts on teaching music, marching band and much more. »


A website designed to help aspiring composers further their wind instrument composition. In other words, if you want to compose for band, go here.  »

Bobby Shew

If you’re a fan of Bobby Shew (who’s not?!) then check out his site. I’ve enjoyed reading his clinic articles and biography. »

Classic FM

If you enjoy classical music and funny music memes, go here and have a good time. »

Jay Lichtmann's Sheet Music

A website put together by trumpet player Jay Lichtmann. He has compiled a bunch of free trumpet music for solos, ensembles, warmups and more. If it’s free…it’s for me! Amirite?! »

Last Row Music

This site is kept up by trombonist and super nice guy, Jeremy. The best part about it are the listings of trumpet jobs which are updated regularly. If you’re looking for audition or teaching opportunities this website can help you get started. Also, his site has something for all brass players, not just trumpet. »

Music School Central

Apart from a nice blog about careers in music, this website offers music college consulting, a free music college guide and more. The music career landscape is big, go check it out. »

Peak Performance Training School

If nerves are keeping you from reaching your performance potential, then check out this site, even if just to buy one of the books. Dr. Green is an expert in peak performance, so check it out. »

Player + Horn Combos

A cool little spot that tells you what trumpet and mouthpiece famous trumpeters played. It’s super geeky and awesome »

Rob Stewart's Trumpet Site

Rob’s website is all about trumpet makers and their histories. He has a gallery of antique horns, a section where he sells trumpets, restoration info and plenty of historical entertainment. From what I gathered, he seems to have developed a true passion for brass and has turned it into a nice resource for us trumpet lovers. »

Trumpet Herald

Probably the most popular trumpet forum on the internet. You can join for free to ask the community questions, discuss trumpet topics, and sell/buy stuff from the marketplace. Beware that anyone can post here. Overall, a great community! »

Trumpet Museum

“Bad Saeckingen at the river Rhine is well known in the world as the “Town of the Trumpeter”. The location is the Rhine Valley between the border of Switzerland and the Black Forest.” Head over to this site and under “Historic Town Views”, click on “Trumpet Museum” to see some extremely cool (and sometimes strange) trumpets. »

Trumpet Pedagogy Project

A website made and maintained by a trumpet player and teacher. I really like the way she explains concepts and her site is simple to navigate. »

Tucson Jazz Institute

A sweet little website with free sheet music of famous trumpet solos. Seriously…go check it out. »


A website about jazz, brass, composition and other music related things. There’s quite a bit on embouchures here. »

Wind Plays

A website dedicated to helping you buy a wind instrument. If you’re buying trumpet, check it out! »

Music Theory & More

Dave Conservatoire

This website is so awesome. First of all its free. Second of all, it has over 100 video music lessons from absolute beginner to advanced.  »

Guy Brown Music

This is a nice little website for players in middle school and high school. It has the accompaniment tracks for the first Standard of Excellence book for trumpet, music history and some audition help. »

Khan Academy

A wonderful website featuring lessons on subjects raging from music, to science and math. Simply go to “Arts and Humanities” and then “Music.” Have fun! »

Mr. Larkins' Band Class

This a band teacher’s website that provides beginner tips, sheet music and audio examples for beginners. Best suited for 5th-6th graders or absolute beginners. Great resource Mr. Larkins! »

Music Crash Courses

That’s right, music theory crash course. A fantastic website, truly. »

Music Dictionary

A gigantic music dictionary. Then again, you won’t find some trumpet specific lingo. But that’s ok, we have that here. »

Music Theory

Music theory, ear training and drills! I use this website weekly with my studio and it’s so helpful. If you really want to be a better trumpet player, tackle these exercises daily. Musicianship is much more than just playing the right notes! »

Teoria (Theory)

This music theory website is similar to However, it also features published theory articles (which are super geeky and awesome) and a music glossary. A great place to start understanding theory. »

Theta Music Trainer

Another music theory website. It requires you to create an account and sign in to use the stuff. »

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