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Here is a short, but powerful list of trumpet, brass and education organizations you should be familiar with as a member of this community. These organizations work to showcase the best players in the world through competitions and conferences, while others dedicate to charity by bringing brass instruments to underprivileged children. There are also plenty of music education organizations here for those wishing to become, or are already, music teachers.

To view a list of helpful websites that are not organizations click here.

Brass for Africa – A charity organization that brings instruments and music lessons to underprivileged African children.

Historic Brass Society – An organization about antique and early brass instruments, music and playing techniques.

International Society for Music EducationOrganization that promotes music education for all at the international level.

International Trumpet GuildThe world’s leading international organization for trumpet players and teachers.

International Trumpet Guild Youth – A branch of ITG (above) that specializes in competitions, summer programs and music selection advice for young players.

International Women’s Brass Conference – International organization dedicated to educate and support all women brass musicians.

Music for All – This organization promotes and advocates to maintain arts and music education accessible to all.

Music Teachers National Association – Highly esteemed national association for music teacher support, education, music technology awareness and networking.

National Association for Music Education – National association for the promotion of music education and music making for all.

National Association of Music Merchants – Association that works to strengthen the awareness and access to new music products such as recording technology, stage sound and lighting.

National Association of Music Parents – A national organization perfect for parents and family members of music students wishing to help advocate and defend the interests of the students by keeping music in schools.

National Trumpet Competition – A rigorous national competition for trumpet players.

World Association of Marching Show Bands – International association that advocates strong relationships and competitions among marching bands.


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