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Everybody needs some easily accessible, free stuff sometimes, amirite?! For free trumpet sheet music check out the list below, featuring my favorite websites. If you’re looking to buy sheet music, like for a solo competition or recital, take a look at my short list of go to sites at the very bottom.


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    THQ Free Downloads
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    Musescore Trumpet Collection
    What’s in it: This is the website of the very-known music notation software Musescore, which by the way is awesome and 100% free. Its users publish their compositions and arrangements for anyone to download, although some are for Pro users only.

    What’s in it: The music community would be incomplete without IMSLP, where you can find most sheet music that is public domain, meaning free for anyone to download. Just go the their landing page and do a search for the genre you’re interested in. For example, if you search “trumpet solos” you will find a list of public domain solos. But you can also search for “Mahler Symphony 5” and acquire the full orchestra sheet music, then print it all or just the trumpet parts. Awesome sauce.

    Trumpet Music Online
    What’s in it: This is a page that takes you to the creator’s youtube channel, which has lots and lots of videos of popular music (from movies, tv, radio) covers for trumpet with the sheet music scrolling on the video. The player is a 16 year old trumpeter from the Netherlands who really loves trumpet. How awesome is that?!

    What’s in it: Lots of free sheet music! Yay! You can download the music PDF to your computer. They do ask that you leave a comment in exchange, and although you don’t have to, returning the favor is always nice.

    Trumpet Ensemble Music
    What’s in it: About 20 free downloads for trumpet solo and ensembles. Simple and to the point!

    Jazz Trumpet Transcriptions
    What’s in it: Why just super awesome sheet music of famous jazz trumpet solos. This website has literally been my jam for years. Go get your own piece of jam!


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